Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 3 & 4, 2011

Gud Evvning! anyone there? maybe some furriends oevrseas, and few furriends in US. I'm here. even when many furriends are not online, I have to update here and Yogi And Furriends page.
Anyway, like I said yesterday, I think I should talk about more different topics here, so my follwers won't get bored to follow. (I want to try many different ways to keep updating this blog, then I can find out what the best way).
Singing me "LuLu Lu~"
Updating blog with certain subjects/topics is not really easy unless it's about daily weather.
I'd like to show you an article from Allure(beauty) magazine here.
this is about make-up like cats on human models and cat-themed cosmetics/make-up the lipstick has a cat head!! Cool.
those model people's cat make up is fine... but something is missing... they don't look scary like I do. the model purrson at right top look bit grumpy like me. maybe her make up is the best result in those 3. I am aware of that even Ancient Egyptian people's make up looked inspired by cats, and still human females admire us cats and want themselves look like us. (I bet not many women want to try Hippo-look make up or Penguin -look make up, only Cat-look make up they like). meens cats are very stylish animal?? I hink so. tell your moms to try cat make-up tuday!!

well, I am getting sleepy, I would like to go.
sleepy me, XLXL
See you tomoroow. XLXL.. Yogi


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