Friday, July 1, 2011

July 1, 2011

Gud Evvning! it's July now. I just turned my "Luna the fashionkitty calendar" to July.  Oh yes, I have been using Luna calendar this year. her mom gave me one last Christmas..I hope I can make Yogi calendar for 2012 and can send Luna one in return. sounds scary, but Yogi calender would  scare bad luck away, and make her 2012 peaceful. 

Oh yes, true that I already has some merchandise ideas for Holidays. calendar is one of them, plus few more product ideas though not yet decided to produce. We need to create many many designs with my photos for that from now. Not just I can make money with my merchandise, I really like to create new things to surrprise fans.

Speaking of it, I've received Thank You-notes from customers of Yogi merchandise today. more than one, they posted their messages on Yogi and Furriends page. they made me very happy. they make me feel that I did good things to people.  Most customers always take photos of what they bought from us and show it to us. very nice. I'm very happy with fans like them.

Not tuday, on some snowy day.
the curly tail
I hink I dropped something.
 the Funny photo by Imoecat for today;

the woman at top(right) should have not tried new style. the woman in the center(right) got a lot better .
Well, den, Happy holiday weekend evvybody! XLXL to all. Yogi

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