Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 17, 2011 New Photos

Gud Evvning . I have many new photos of me to show you tuday. I hope you'll enjoy. ready?

Me upclose
who asked if I have got shrunk or lost weight? I'm still XXXL.
I'm grumpy as usual.
Although I has no fur, I do clean myself in the same way cats with fur do.
I look like an accordion.
Not grumpy, not scary.
Well, remember I tried to put eyebrow on my face 3-4 days ago? there is another version akshally...
this is the 3rd version (unpublished before tuday on here and FB)
Anyway, I think this gonna be the new trend in the Sphynx world, my friend Butterball tried it for himself yesterday after I recommended him, and he looked great. I'm so happy that I created new style or trend in the SPhynx world.  I thought I was something embarrass the Sphynx world.
Well, dat's all fur tuday. see you tomorrowwww, XLXL... Yogi


  1. 1st picture of Yogi her eyes are so big I think she sees a birthday cake.

  2. ShanQ Butterball fur writing me. I has never seen you open your eyes big, you usually look sleepy.