Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 21, 2011 " I'm International !"

Gud Afternoon!! oo I think I love to update my blog in day time than very late night.  Anyway, the new Yogi blog has been created and started earlier today!!!  I am not sure if I can be popular in Japan.  As you  might have known, some famous cats on the internet are Japanese, such as Goma cat, Maru cat,. and purrticularly many Japanese cat owners are creative, though not famous as much as Goma, and Maru, fur example..I have seen a blog by the foster lady who keeps many strays in her house that she was the first purrson started Cat wigs, it was super funny that she put several different wigs on her cat, (Imoe remembered it, that wig cat blog probably gave her an idea of putting many different hairdo on me when she makes my daily funny pics).
Like this,
So.. in US and other countries, people think what I do is funny, but not sure if I am accepted in Japan. I sure would like to know how much I would be accepted in the country. I hope I can crack the people up in the country and get them addicted to me. To advertise, I have registered the Yogi blog in Japanese to the Blog ranking website ( only blogs in Japanese language can register, not this Daily Yogi since this one is in English).
then I had to choose the categories where my blog fit in. I gotta pick 3 categories- #1 Cat (and in cat category I chose "Sphynx" group) #2.Funnies(funny pictures) and #3 Internet(Facebook). dat was easy to choose.

Anyway, I believe many of you can not read any Japanese, but if you are interested or if you know someone whio can read the language, please visit or tell someone to visit my new blog.(link below)
すてきなヨギ様(Fantastic Miss Yogi)

Well this is all for now, see you tomorooooooo, XLXL    Yogi

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