Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4 &5, 2011

Gud Evvning! Happy 4th of July!  it was very hot day here in CO, and at night, scary firework noise from evvywhere!!! I was grumpy of course.
By the way, I have read some new article about my sister Lady Gaga yesterday. I'd like to talk about her here tuday though I never have even heard of any of her songs. I have some photos of me with her.

some purrty in Hollywood
run away from paparacci

 Well,. the new article I read about her yesterday was this.
she's wearing her new "Onion Dress" in Japan. she appeared in the famous talk show in Japan last week. the show has been over 35 years on TV in Japan, the host (the woman at right in the photo) is 77 yr old now, her hairdo has not changed and called "The Onion Updo" also she calls herself "the onion lady", and my sis Gaga apparently heard of those story about the host, and created the Onion in her way to meet the Onion lady in Japan. how cool idea it was!! 
Oo I really like the Onion dress and shoes as well. according to the article, the material of the dress was leather. I want this dress, this dress would completely cover my XXXL body. I want the matching shoes too, I like her style, verrry much like mine.

Well, then, see you tomorooooo, XLXL


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