Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 31, 2011 "Master Yogi"

 Hellow. this is the last day of July?? more than 1/2 yr passed by although I still have not got used "2011"... well, I repeat "eat-sleep-eat-sleep-bully-eat-sleep.." so I have no conscious that time pass by so fast. By the way, ShanQ fur purrticipating the new series of this Blog "You has a Question fur me" that I tried yesterday.
many furriends seemed to like it, so I sure do it again. please don't hesitate, write me anytime if you come up question to me.

I'm da Master Yogi!!

 Akshally Master Yogi does not meen I know evvything. I just purritneded as a Hippo-Hop artist when I call my self "Master Yogi". But I'll try answer to questions from furriends as much as I can.
Summer concert-Master Yogi is the most popular.
Unfortunately my music and music video is rated XXXL, and can not play in public. sorry about that.
 (well, dat's a common problem in most Hippo Hop artists).

I found a nice Cat Rap song by the good looking young man. I'd like to show you here.

 I think this is cute. 

By the way, I'm with Persian girls on the Master Yogi promo photo (the 1 st photo of this post) as you see.
Speaking of me with Persian girls(actually those furriends are Himarayan), I'd like to show you something..

Ad fur SPA in Los Angeles.
Well, I like it, this is ad for Spa fur humans, once Any hairy purrson (like Persian cats) visit the Spa, she/he can leave the Spa with smooth hairless skin like SPhynx cats!!! (glad the Sphynx model was not me. if I were in the ad, people would misunderstand as if they might get wrinkly and XXXL belly). strenji..

Well, that's all fur tuday. Happy Sunday!! see you tomorooooo.... Yogi

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