Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 6, 2011

Gud morrrning!! I am sorry I was unable to update this blog last night (supposed to be for July 5&6) , but lucky that I posted the previous post as a post for July 4&5, so it does not look like I was absent ...
Anyway, my latest funny pic by Imoe from last night.
I could not forget about the Onion dress by Gaga, so I got one for myself and joined them.
Hey, the one thing I am wondering about.. the dress For Gaga is made of leather, mine is a trash bag. mine is recyclable, furriendly to the earth. I thought that meowsicians like her(strenji one) was animal-furriendly, I know she has made the meat dress once, now she made this Onion dress with the skin of the meat dress!! she would not wear the same dress twice in public, wouldn't she? then I hink it's wasteful to use leather this much for just one-time to wear dress. I hope she won't get an idea to make jacket out of Sphynx cats.

Me yesteday


I think I look a lot cuter without any costume, even without fur, than the strenji meowsician woman like Gaga who needs strenji outfit to impress peeple. you know, In my imagination world (I meen the daily funny pics by Imoecat),  soemtimes I wear strenji costumes, or hair,  or legs, but not always. In many funny pics, you'll see me not wearing anything, I can crack you up just by being there and just by being who I am. examples;
Me just sitting.. but Imoe thought I looked like Soy Sauce bottles.

Dancing with stars

The First pet

Push-ups at the fitness class

See? I can crack you up just by being who I am, no costumes. that's the real entertainer!! well, see you tomorooo, XLXL.. Yogi

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  1. I love your soy sauce bottle shape. Your photoshop posts are sugoii!