Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011~ My New Blog!!

Hellow. I'm Imoe.  As I advertised many places, Now there is a new Yogi Blog, but it's in Japanese language.
the link (bellow)
Yogi Blog in Japanese

It looks like this.
the same template as this Daily Yogi. but in different color and pic.
The title in Japanese is "Sutekina Yogi sama" (Fantastic Miss Yogi). Well, It started 4 days ago and I've posted twice now. (the 1st post was introduceing myself and what I was going to write about in the new blog, and introduced Yogi to the new audience with several photos of her, and in the 2nd post, I've included Yogi video "Everybody afraid of me" (Yogi reality show), to show people how scary Yogi is.

There is a blog ranking web site that any blogs in Japanese language can register,and can see how popular his/her blog is. kinda competition. everybody who want to join the ranking competition have to decide 3 categories  and 3 sub categories that his/her blog fits in. Yogi blog is registered in Cat blog category (sub-category: the Sphynx ), Comedy blog category(sub category: the funny photo group), and Internet category (sub category: the Facebook group), it's amazing, Yogi is now #5 (was #4 this morning) in the Sphynx Blog ranking (total 15 Sphynx blogs there),   and what I am surrprised most is Yogi blog Japan is #82 in Comedy blog ranking. put of 2,894 comedy blogs. (#18 in Funny photo out of 320 Funny photo blogs) #5 in Facebook category also. it's the 4th day since the blog has started, so this is very good start, and higher Yogi blog goes in the chart, more people will see and know her.

  I know most of you here can not read the language, but if you are curious and want to see it, please visit anytime.
and  if you stop by the Yogi blog in Japanese, please do this. (see the photo below)
please click this photo to enlarge, there are some button at right on the top right side of the blog, whenever you visit, please click any of those. that is the vote for Yogi blog in the blog ranking site.
I think it is not so difficult for this unique character to get attention in anywhere in the world. I'm very lucky to have met her, and allowed to do all writing and art work fur her. ShanQ fur your suppurt always.

Well, den. See you tomoroooooo, XLXL... Imoe

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