Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 7, 2011

 Hellow~!! Sorry about the time I update this blog changes often. By the way, I was involved with the talk with dog rescue people on FB this morning. I can imagine that rescuing dogs is a lot difficult and with many problems than rescuing cats. Compare to cats, not many apartments would allow dogs to move in,  and not many people own houses with yard in a big city like NY, do they?  even cats- not always and not all of them can find new homes from homeless listing in NYC, I can see that many dogs are so lucky.. what I would like to suggest to make things better is to ban the purrson who has ever dumped their pets to have another pets, never allowed to  have pet again!! though it may be difficult to check with state/city. (this may cause more pets to be abandoned on streets, mountain etc, but at least can impose it to people who have ever brought their pets to the shelters, neighbors can check and report too) .

And another problem is transportation from state to state. I often see someone raise their hands to offer fostering or adoption to cats in the homeless listing from NYC, but those people are far from NY, and they are told "NO". (then some cats were killed, I have heard of.  that was really frustrating because I know someone was willing to help those cats, but only because of the distance, cats had to go to the another world, instead of moving another state). like I said, I was a hoemless once, so this is not other cats/dogs problem. I'd like to involve.

Handsome me.(yesterday)

My funny pic by Imoe from last night-I was a beauty tool
Every dogs/cats/any animals and humans should be given a chance to live. If my momsy did not rescue me, I would not have been here to entertain you guys now.. so if you have some space and money, or know someone who can afford, please consider adopt/foster less fortunate furriends from shelters. I really have been sending money to needy furriends in shelters in US from my Yogi fund (part of sales of Yogi Merchandise).  ShanQ fur suppurt. see you tomoroooooo, XLXL... Yogi

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