Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11, 2011

 God Evvning!! I'm not sleepy!! Ok, the furst thing is my latest pic.(kinda scary..) ready?
Hang over -had purrty at bar with middle aged men furriends.
And this is the latest funny pic of me by Imoecat fur tuday.
Me in da Covergirl cosmetic ad. of course!
But this is Joke of course. I purrsonaly do not recommend Covergirl/Olay products because the brands are from P&G company, the company was famous in testing their products on animals.  (Pantene haircare products are also from P&G, but the product web site now says that they do not test their product on animals at this time, they said they can do it with something else, no need to use animals .. I hope that is true and maybe Covergirl/Olay might be saying the same .. but not checked and not sure..)
I hink many women are tempted to try whenever they see new products or the products sound interesting, and some might forget about it as soon as they find out the company of the products test their products on animals, but some ignore it, and buy the products with or without knowing the products are tested on animals.. right??  I can not blame consumers, I have not enough info about it, especially about  household cleaning products and medicine.. I might have bought some that was tested on animals without knowing it.
I just can not believe that companies who make cosmetics, cleaners, medicines got an idea that they should use animals to check product safety in the furst place. (and probably people like Hitler gave the idea to them.. I think.. they demonstrated that humans feel pain if they are used for medical experiments, chemical experiments etc..scary, and now everybody know hurting humans in that way is against human rights. so that now the business decided to use animals who can not say Yes or No, do not know he/she has right to live... not fair).

We animals only willing to do test cat food or dog food, cat litter products, cat toys, dog toys.. things we use. human do not test our food, toys, litter, den why do animals are used for products humans use? not fair really.
Are you aware of the logo when you see animal friendly product ? they always say "this product is not tested on animals" along with Bunny logo. I has heard of that Bunnies are used for experiments for cosmetics and other chemical products fur humans because Bunnies are convenient that they don't scream for pain...(no voice). it's like raping a physically disabled woman who can not speak.. very very unfair.

so...if you were careless about this subject before tuday, and  next time you need to buy cosmetics, skincare products, etc.., do research of brand you have on your mind to purrchase, and see if the product or company do test their products on animals, then decide to buy or switch to animal friendly products. all I know is Victoria's secret beauty products, Avon, Yves Rocher, DHC(Japanese company, store in CA,.mailorder, online store in USA also) , St.Ives, Body Shop are animal friendly. 

Well then, see you tomoroooooo, XLXL. Yogi

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