Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 19, 2011 Health

 Gud Afternoon!!  well, yesterday my momsy checked my weight, and said that I weighed 20 pounds.
I looked smaller in some of my recent photos, so often somebody asked if I've got shrunk or lost weight, but the weight check yesterday proved that I had not lost any weight and I am still size XXXL. my furriend Imoe and butterball said they weigh 8 pounds as adult cats, if 8 pound cats exists as adult size, well... 20 pound me sure is XXXL.

Me- Roast chicken shape

When I wrote about it on Yogi And Furriends page, some furriend worried about my health. well, I;ve already been not so comfortable to walk, lower body is not very active. there was a video of me from 2-3 months ago that I was curious to catch a toy but other Sphynxes in my house joined me, somebody kicked the toy away, den others immediately ran to get it, but I was sitting, I tried nothing to get it. me no purrticipating competition or play  that require walking/running. Though upperbody is active. But same as human in XXXL, I must do something to prevent of getting sick as I get older. Like I said, I was once a homeless, rescued by my momsy, and now have a house, can eat and sleep anytime. yet now I have meny furriends and fans all over the world. I want to enjoy my life as long as I can, and if I wish, I gotta take care of my health. maybe I am gonna ask my Momsy to switch my food to diet version, and try to move often during summer.
One of my recent photos that I look smaller.
But I always look like this.

But Many fans told me that they like me in size XXXL always..what can I do??
But seriously many dogs/cats have this very same problem now. not only my problem, let's think of this issue.
one thing you can do is to ask your humans not place your litter box and dining area in the same floor of the house. (for example, Litter box in the basement, dining room upstair. so everytime you use litter box, you gotta use stair up and down. you'll do the trip 4-5 times a day, would be good exercise).
if anyone know other good idea, write me anytime.
Well. this is all for now. See you tomorrrrooooo, XLXL... Yogi


  1. Yogi, our Mommy switched us to grain free wet food, and we all trimmed down, without even trying!

  2. Yogi ur lucky to have multiple floors. But we do have the cats food up high on a shelf :)

  3. Our holistic vet told us "No grazing!" We get a serving of raw or canned food in the morning, and what we do not eat gets picked up after 30 minutes (even though we finish it in about 3 minutes!). We get fed again in the evening.

    Good luck to you, Yogi! I know you can do it!

  4. Oh dear that IS a roast chicken shape. Petie has weight trouble too as you know (http://ihavecat.com/2010/07/19/i-have-fat-cat/) and I have a flight of stairs and he moves very fast when he wants to. But it's very hard to lose weight when there are other kitties in the home i know too well. Let us konw if you find a secret so I can use on PETIE !

  5. stellar looking cat, overweight or not! One of our rescues is obese...we have done everything..special food, exercise...all bloodtests are normal...he is a grazer...so unless i take the rest of the herds food up, he will never lose weight!

  6. Yogi! We found your blog! You can join Disco in his battle of the bulge. If you go to our blog (furrydancecats dot blogspot dot com), I have a series of posts over 12 weeks that are about Disco and the weight loss campaign he was involved with for a new food company. Here's the first post:
    http://furrydancecats.blogspot dot com/2010/08/discos-new-leash-on-life.html (you have to put the . in place of dot, hahameow)

  7. Hello, ShanQ evvybody fur writing tuday. I never thought this was important topic. ShanQ fur tips and ideas as well. Yogi mom really appreaciated, and consider changing Yogi diet. we love Yogi in size XXXL, but we also worry about her health, we want her to live long, if she gets sick, it's not funny, so she should start reducing some pounds from tuday!!~Imoe

  8. Yogi, if your mama will tell Teri the name and variety of the foods you are eating, she will check with her vet to see how much she should be eating, calorie wish. But for now, do what Teri recommended, 9 oz of canned a day and 2 tablespoons of dry a day. Together Yogi and Disco will fight the Battle of the Bulge!