Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 2 & 3, 2011

Gud Evvning.  sorry for late to update today. I was trying to add some apps on my blog to connect to FB, now it has appeared on my blog(list of followers from FB). dat's eesy for many furriends to follow. Shanks Angeee(furriend from FB). Some furriends told me tuday that they follow this blog and almost everything I write daily on here and FB, wow. then I thought I has to get more interesting topics. I has to read news paper daily!!

This is actually Imoe cat-the Yogi voice here on this blog, also 80% of Yogi voice on Yogi And Furriends page on FB.  I want to boast about this actually, isn't that great? most cat fan pages/blogs are created by their real owners(except some famous ones such as Morris from 9Lives cat food) , but Yogi has someone who takes care of it and that is not her momsy or relative peeple. I enjoy creating things with Yogi images and write about her. As you might know, Yogi lives with 6 other Sphynx cats in her house, and her momsy is very busy to take care of her 7 Sphynx, and she lets me work for Yogi.  I am very lucky.

Why Lucky is because Yogi is super unique. she looks scary, and lovely both. she looks grandma, middle aged man, Hippo, and ham. she's size XXXL. bald and wrinkly. so many things about her can help me to create her imagination world(daily Yogi funny pics by me).  Not just cute and fun to make you smile, my daily Yogi pics give you real gigglez. our friend Spitzy's mom always tells me that she pees in her pants when she sees my daily Yogi pics, she also often tells me she dropped her coffee or wine, other furriend said oneday that she cried after she heard my Yogi joke because she could not stop laughing. isn't that awful? more and more furriends experiences such disaster with Yogi, they are afraid of Yogi, and like her more. 

 Today's my daily yogi(art).
Yogi and the Japanese middle aged man.
The story is; the middle aged man worried about his belly(though it looks like size M), then Yogi appeared in his mirror and encouraged him by showing him her XXXL belly (this is real Yogi pic, not photoshopped, Yogi really is XXXL).

Weeell, dat's all  fur today. (sorry I dated July 2&3, 2011, that does not mean I won't be here tomoroow, tomorrow.) see you tomorrrroooo, XLXL.... Yogi

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