Sunday, March 5, 2017

Telegraph News website (UK)

  As I showed off many times last year, I was on media as one of Trump look cats.
One of those media were Telegraph News website (UK).

Recently we checked if the website was still visible from USA.
( the article I was on was written and published a year ago).
O yes, the website URL was still valid, but when we clicked "Share",
we've got an error message which said "this feature is no longer available",
so we thought the article on the website might be removed anytime.
And we wanted to keep it before it becomes unavailable.
we took screenshot the article from the beginning to the end
(over 15 pages) ,  then created the slideshow,
so we can now see them as a video.

we've uploaded  it on our You Tube channel just now.

I was also featured on OK magazine (UK) website back then.

I was on OK magazine website too,
but OK magazine website was not visible in USA, so we asked UK friends
if they could see. They checked and sent us screenshots. (shown above)

I seemed to have been bit late for being famous in USA.
I heard that many media in US were talking about Trump Your Cat  around June~July
in 2015, my first photo submission was Sept 2015. so that's why I was on Media only overseas.

But better than nothing, of course.

Thank you for your support,