Sunday, May 1, 2016

Meet 2Cellos

After The Japanese TV show in March,
my manager went to the 2Cellos concert in April.
(2Cellos - 2 Gorgeous young cellists from Croatia)
She had a VIP ticket, means she was able to meet the artists in purrson after the show.

She had nerve to ask 2Cellos for the strenjiest request for her,
And they did. (ShanQ very much!)

O No!! Stjepan Hauser is holding my picture!!

In the photo above, Luka (the guy in the black shirt at left) was wondering
if the picture he was looking at was real.
The famous picture of me and prejident Obama.

And I've got this!

Yogi XLXL! (signed by Luka)

Live video by my manager (below)
*there is more on my Yogi TV on You Tube
Yogi TV

They don't sing, they only play the Cellos, but not just classic music,  they play popular songs as
well. Not boring, really.

My manager always wanted to show her child purrson the real instruments, and
professional person(s) who can play the instruments in live.
she thought 2 Cellos's show would be purrfect to take her child purrson.

My manager said that they were very nice and lovely people.

ShanQ Luka, Stjepan, Dusan!! Please come Colorado again in the next US tour.