Saturday, March 16, 2013

Grandmas need to be educated? Now?

Good Grumpy Weekend!!
Earlier this week, there was discussion on my fan page about
the article I found on Martha Stewart Magazine "LIVING"
that Martha was showing Easter basket decoration there.
One of them looked strenji with black bunny in the basket,
its fur looked real, I wondered where I can buy such well-made
stuffed bunny, and looked for information (you know, usually
magazines tell where the merchandise shown in their mag to
purchase), and it said that the bunny in the page was Taxidermy,
and there was web shop address for it.
Also the article said "Martha collects Taxidermy".
(means collecting dead animals?)

From Martha Stewart "LIVING" April 2013 issue

I remember Taxidermy were in people's house, stores as display in the 70's,
but I don't see it, and don't hear anyone talk about it now,
not at all after the 70's, I think,
so I didn't know how to react when I saw the article,
I didn't even know if I could assume it was wrong,
 so I posted the article
(same as above) on my fan page, and asked my fans what they think.

To me, it is like buying fur products that as long as humans want it,
some animals are killed for their fur.
 If someone saw the article in the Martha magazine, and liked it,
and wants one for herself, she might visit the web shop for taxidermy and may purchase one.
if it happens, the store may kill more rabbit for $$$.

All my fans who joined the discussion on my page said this is wrong as I thought.
glad to have asked them for their opinions.
(if you want to tell your opinion, the thread for the article on my fan page is here:
Link below)
Taxidermy Bunny

Martha is old, 60 or older now?
I think some older people her age (and older) still believe
stuff like fur coat, taxidermy are valuable.

Joanna Krupa also tweeted recently (just few days before this)
that she was shocked that many elderly ladies were wearing fur coat
at the Wedding party she went .
(she said she decided not to complain them not to ruin the Wedding).

I remember that several episodes of  I love Lucy show had fur joke,
dead animals heads were displayed in Richard Widmark house
(he says his hobby is hunting) in one of Hollywood episodes of I Love Lucy.
other TV shows in the 50's. 60's were similar too.
I have seen Cat lady on one of Bewitched episode
 ( I see at least some people cared about homeless cats then),
but don't remember if anyone talked about fur was wrong back then.
Probably many women simply wanted it for fashion items as celebs showed off theirs
back then without thinking of how animals were treated, or hurt.

Joanna said that those grandmas who were wearing fur at The Wedding needed
to be educated, I think so too, and people like Martha too, collecting dead animals
are no longer gorgeous hobby, and she should not suggests her readers such a thing
as a home decor item.

Shanks for reading,


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cats in my house

I thought I had introduced the cats in my house somewhere before, but many people ask me about them,
so I'm gonna introduce them to you here today.
There are 7 Sphynx cats, 2 Peterbald cats, and 1 regular mixed cat with fur =total 10 , (1 prejident and
9 cats to be exact).

The Yogi body pillow. 3 cats can share the pillow.

Avee and Mimsy(blind)
Finley (blind) always smiling

       As you see, others are not grumpy. I don't know why.

Miss.Blueberry(peterbald, not Sphynx)

Avee and Moshi

I think there are 9 cats in the photos above.

And Me

I hope you enjoyed.




Saturday, March 2, 2013

2nd anniversary of Yogi And Furriends (fan page on Facebook)

Good Grumpy March 2!!
today is the 2nd Anniversary of Yogi And Furriends, my fan page on Facebook.
please stop by, (or else) Yogi And Furriends

I'll try posting strenji stuff as many as I can all day today. check out!!

I'm busy for that, so excuse meee.

see ya at fan page.