Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 12 &13, 2011

Gud Evvning!! it's rain here late night. I'm grumpy of course. Speeking of rain, I've heard of that cats can predict weather that they (I meen "We") often clean their face before weather changes to rain. 
me cleaning face
I don't really know if it's true, and even if true, hard to find out 'cause cleaning face and body is routine fur cats, how can people know if we simply do cleaning our face for routine or because we suddenly want to do it by predicting rain?? strenji..

it's still experiment week that this Daily Yogi blog to find out how we create and manage this blog daily. shall we include animal related topics? cats only? Sphynx breed only? including anything funny? anything related to diet? XXXL peeple and cats? how about this?  this is a purrson with strenji eyeblows, there is a link below this photo. you can see more strenji eye blows peeple.
Strenji eyeblows by humans

Maybe I should try eyeblows ..lemme try..

How's that?? handsome middle aged man?

Well, I hink I can talk about anything on this space as long as I myself involve to it in this way.
well den see you tomorrooooo, XLXL Yogi


  1. " Yogi, you look like Rowan Atkinson in this pic ....!! Funny!!

  2. Hi, TC!! ShanQ fur visiting my blog and liked my eye bloow(can't spell the word correctly). oooo tuday nearly 100 visitors already!! very scary. XLXL.