Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August 1~2, 2011 "Bully"

 Hellow. it's August now. it was strenji day (Aug 1). I am not sure if I can bring this subject here, but now many people in the world use FACEBOOK, so maybe I should talk about  what happened today on FB.

The title of today's post "Bully" is not about me. (although I Bully other SPhynx in my house once a day).  But First, let me think about Bully from what I do...why do I bully others? maybe because jealous because they can move faster and freely, and look good, also they are younger than me.

Me, yesterday

   What I'd like to talk about here today is Facebook Bully,  well, my momsy has lost her FB acct last night(about 24 hrs ago from now) that some Bully purrson reported to FB and her acct had been deactivated by FB. the reason for the report was "using false name", I have heard of it that using made-up name for FB acct is not OK, but how do they know who use real name or not?  they even allow child purrson to create acct, if FB impose everybody to use real name for their FB page, it won't be safe for some people such as young women, teens, child purrsons, even famous people.  In my experience, most people exchange their real names, address as they get closer to others on FB, and that is enough, no need to show real name outside. I hink. also the reason most people want to use false names is to protect their ID from strenjers, not to deceive others or want to get others involve crimes.

 And in my momsy case, the problem was a crazy purrson my momsy once became furriends with. the crazy purrson reported unnecessarily to deactivate my momsy acct.  She and my momsy often had chat online outside FB, and my Momsy had begun  feeling  strenji about the purrson, and tried to keep some distance from the purrson, but the purrson wanted to be closer to my momsy, so she got upset, and started harassing my momsy by sending strenji e-mail,  my momsy had kept ignoring, and it got the purrson more and more angry, I hink.  I hink the crazy purrson was obsessed with my momsy, and worried as if she might lose the furriendship once she goofed to have given bad impression to my momsy. (once goofed or failed their plan, some people get angry and become aggressive, I hink that is). I talked to some furriends about this matter on FB today, and some said it was jealous, but I am not sure, I feel that the purrson felt desparted in losing favorite furriend than being jealous to my momsy.

Let's take a break with my cute pic(yesterday)

  So if you like some furriends purrticularly and wish keeping the furriendship longer, you have to be considerate purrson, but not a selfish purrson. you must observe the furriends and listen what they way carefully. that's the first step to understand someone well, and to be good furriends with them. I hink.
when building furriendship fails, bullying or harassing do not work. (look at me!! most my siblings afraid of me, and don't play with me 'cause I bully them and scare them).

Me cleening my XXXL belly.
   Well, please be careful in meeting strenjers online. Not only FB. there are many places like FB online now.

That's all fur now, if you have any questions about my momsy's acct, write Yogi and Furriends wall. see you tomoroooo, XLXL....Yogi



  1. Yogi, I'm sorry your mom lost her FB account because of that meanie. She can try submitting an appeal to Facebook.

  2. Oh yes, Daisy. it was scary. once strenji purrson obsessed with someone, we don't know what the purrson gonna do. we gotta really be careful, and shanks fur the info, I'll tell Yogi mom to try asking FB to get her original acct back.