Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August 3, 2011 ~ The Yogi movie "Yogi tries to eeet Hattie" .

Hellow. As I talked last time, my Momsy's FB acct has gone 2 days ago, all photos and videos that were on her old FB acct is now all unaccessible (more than 1,000 photos of me and other Sphynx in my house, videos were posted there). My Momsy has kept all her photos in her memory cards, but not sure if she's going to repost 1,000's of photos to new her FB page. Furriends who have ever tagged in to photos/videos by my Momsy have also lost all photos from us.

There was a rare video that my momsy posted You Tube once but not on FB pages directly from her file. it was available fur a little while, but she cancelled her You Tube acct, and it was gone, since was not on FB, we missed the video a lot.
But I found it yesterday!! my furriend Butterball (a young Sphynx boy looks like me, I mean his face, not belly). and his dad had copied the videos of me from my Momsy and posted them on You Tube, so it's available to view again!!!

I'd like to show you the moovie here. the original title of the movie was "Yogi tries to eat Hattie". Hattie is one of the other 6 Sphynx I live with, and the only one who is not afraid of me. she's often seen around me in photos.
Hattie and me,
I might look furriendly to her in a photo like this, but what I think of is to eat her. Making her feel safe with me, and making her trust me is the furst step.

See? I tried to eat her feet over and over, and was going to attack her. there was no acting/pretending involved since I am a cat, 100% honest, who I really am.

She's dead

She's crying behind me because she thinks I'm gonna bute her after I finish flossing  my teeth.

XXXL me sitting on XS her.

 The rumor is not rumor, that is not rumor but true that I am XXXL, mean, aggressive and always hungry.

Well, this is all fur now, see you tomorooooooooooooooooooooo, XLXL, Yogi


  1. You might try putting a collar on Ms XXXL, for an hour at a time, as it may make her feel a little less secure and diffuse the dominance thing.

  2. Awww, why would you try to eat Hattie! She is so sweet!

  3. Yogi, that video cracked me up!

    ps: Do you know about the Cat Blogosphere? Be sure to put a link to your daily post there so other cats can visit you!

  4. Ooo Teri, I was thinking to buy a nice collar fur Yogi similar to my jewel one(can see it in my profile pic? it's baby blue with jewels).but she might think it's beef jerkey and might eat it.

    Angee, Yogi is always hungry. she can eat anything.

    Daisy, I am happy to hear that you enjoyed Yogi video, and ShanQ fur the info about the website, I sure will visit and join. ~Imoe