Tuesday, August 9, 2011

AUGUST 9~10, 2011 " I HATE SHARING!!"

 Hellow, I am sorry that I did not update sooner, this is supposed to be Daily Yogi that I should write something daily,  but sometimes I am busy ( I has another Yogi blog Japanese version and Yogi And Furriends on FB also). sorry about dat.

Well, Furst, I'd like to show you the video of me, this is to show you that I am greedy cat who hates sharing.

see ?

I don't like sharing my stuff with others, and I don't like others do not share their stuff with me.

And the latest photos of me below from yesterday. my Lunch time.

#1. Ooo smells guud.

#2. I'm eeting!! don' t talk to me!
#3 OH NO!! Hattie stealing my food, I am not amused!!
#4. I'm not happy, I'm grumpy, Hattie looks satisfied,  Not funny.
Sharing is not fun!! I wish I were only one cat in my house... (I has 6 other Sphynx in my house).
Well, that's all fur tuday, See you tomorooo,
XLXL.. Yogi


  1. Yogi, you sure were thirsty! I do not blame you, I do not enjoy sharing either.

  2. Oh yes, Daisy, sharing is not fun!! cats like you and I should be treated like da Queeeeen!!

  3. Yogi, you're so funny. Those pictures and video are great - it really paints of picture of the fun in your house.

  4. ShanQ Maggie~! Yogi is the Queeen everywhere, she hates share, and does not like others don't share with her. XLXL~Imoe

  5. Yogi, if you keep eating that canned food...you will start to lose weight, we promise...but skip the dry kibble, ok...