Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Me tuday

Hellow. Oh No, I didn't know that I did not update this blog fur 3 days!! verrry sorry about that. I was very busy to design fur new promo items (free gifts fur Yogi merchandise purrchase) tuday. it took all day. really.

And these are photos of me tuday(I meen Aug 30).
I hink I was surrprised by something.

middle aged man in napping

Suddenly looked good.
my new promo photo with Japanese blog title.

There are more on Yogi And Furriends on Facebook. I post different photos from same day/same photo session on this blog and Yogi And Furriends page, (of course). posting same photos on 2 different places is not very good. (fans do not feel they need to visit both places if they see the same thing) some times same stuff here, but usually post or write different things.

well that's all fur now, my Momsy is fine. Shanks fur visiting my blog. see you tomoroooo or 3 days later, XLXL... Yogi

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