Friday, August 12, 2011

August 11 &12 "My cat community on Facebook today" by Imoe

 Hellow.  This is Imoe. Oh yes, if you were furriends with Yogi momsy on FB, it was sad day because her acct is gone today. She disappeared yesterday evening from FB even without saying good bye to me. But in the last message we exchanged, she said  that No need to worry about Yogi fan page and blogs, she would continue supplying me Yogi photos and info via e-mail, so I did not get panicky and hosted "Yogi And Furriends" page(FB) today(Thursday) as usual, also updating this blog now. many furriends appreciated that they learned that Yogi And Furriends page was still on FB and updated today.  
Yogi (1~2 weeks ago)
So..What  I want to talk about here tuday is Social Networking, Facebook is super fun and convenient, I was even able to meet a favorite star in purrson by using FB (people who knew him introduced me to him via FB, and told him a lot about me, even asked his purrmission to give me a phone# of his), also other favorite meowsician is my furriend on FB, and sometimes thinks of me and writes me messaji, I just can't believe things like dat happened via my PC in my own house, without going anywhere, not even needed to pick up phone. fur me, can not imajine to quit FB. sometimes I meet peeple who copy me on FB,(so they think they can be furriends with meowsicians  or someone who know them  in purrson), and don't like it, but I can handle with such small problems. I don't want to give up what I've got  for what I don't like.
But for Yogi mom, what she experienced last week must have been verrry scared and shocked. I just can not believe why FB believes the report by someone without investigating if the report was about the real bad thing caused by the person in report. do they know if the purrson sent them report was mentally normal?   when we go to the individual page and click "report this purrson" link, form appeared, and all we do is to check in the list such as report is for this person is impurrsonator, or scam, or etc.. and the purrson's page contains adult contents, or discrimination, etc.

Yogi mom was reported for " false name was used for the acct". other than that, nothing wrong in her acct. False name hunt by FB is not success for it, and very unfair. I know many people from other countries write their names in their language, can not see if it's real by FB, I know very many Arab kids not only write their names in Arabic, they often change names, and never been reported or caught by FB.
And Yogi mom's case, the purrson who reported Yogi mom acct to FB was acting like a stalker for Yogi mom for months, asking her for her real address(so she thought she could  monitor Yogi mom via google map), and  without asking Yogi mom's plan or any permission, suddenly said that she(the crazy woman) bought a ticket to CO to meet Yogi mom in purrson, and told her that she wanted to stay in Yogi house while her CO visit. so... strenji, then when she felt that she's been rejected, she got angry, and sent Yogi mom e-mail to curse her etc..  I wonder FB knew the report was by such a mentally-ill purrson, and if they think what they did from her report (delete Hattie) was right thing.
this is like a murder committed by a purrson with mental problem that is overlooked, or no charge was given to the purrson caused the incident.
Yogi (1-2 weeks ago)
If they see the report for false name acct, FB should notify the purrson first to change ID name to real name, and if the purrson do not make change after 2-3 notices, then they should suspend their acct as reported. I hink the stalker woman wrote FB something not true on Yogi mom's acct too, (such as discrimination  for example because she was rejected by Yogi mom, but her own fault).
that's very selfish, and I just don't know why FB easily believe report sometimes, but sometimes never believe and no action they make(such as offensive page "I Hate cats" on FB never gone no matter how many people reported). why???

Anyway, SNS like FB should provide many options for us to be able to stay safely and simply to enjoy, not to be scared or worried.

I'll post any update if I hear from Yogi mom or receive Yogi new photos from her.

XLXL... Imoe


  1. Thank you Imoe and Yogi for letting us all know what happened to Momsy. Very sad to know FB only listens to one side of the story and in this case, the crazy side. We have to know that there are 2 bad guys in this situation, psycho Judy and FB. Beware of this woman! FB has serious errors in their application and it is troubling to see so many inconsistencies in their policy. I can certainly understand where Momsy is coming from; being victimized by these two.

    Anyway, If you hear from Momsy, or if she reads this, we love you and care about you! Miss you!

  2. Hattie is a saint and we'll never forget her. I really think you should visit Hattie though. You're wonderful Imoe and Momsy.

  3. ShanQ Maggie & Butterball, I hink Yogi momsy missed us a lot tuday(though I has not heard from her over 48 hrs now..), whether she responds or not, maybe I am going to send her messaji that she can visit this blog(this is not within FB, anyone can visit and read, write comments here).
    so she can read your comments here.

  4. That's too bad. I don't have very many "friends" I haven't met on Facebook, but I have met some nice people in the cat community, and Hattie is one of them. I try to be very careful about who I friend though because people can be so crazy. But just last week one of the cat friends who I thought was nice got mad at me and deleted me from her list because she posted on my wall and I deleted the post (it was not scary, just a post I didn't want on my wall about another cat crisis).

    I hope Hattie can find some peace and comfort with her cats right now and when she feels better, she can pick up her good friendships again.