Monday, August 15, 2011

Aug 16, 2011 Finally???

Hellow. sorry for updating reeelly in strenji schedule lately. I was helping my Momsy on FB last week, and then was busy in listening to the peeple who complained about her acct (we really do take care of fans as much as we can handle), some even got angry because other furriends were added by my momsy to her list befure them!!(order is not important!! pleese calm, woman!! actually not one, few..very grown women who complained the order). strenji.. sure was. Anyway these are my photos from yesterday, my momsy took some when I was exercising with my gym. I walked in da cat tunnel.. lets say, about 15 seconds. walking is good, I wonder how much calorie was gone in da 15 sec walking.
da cat tunnel
See? I walked from the purrple side and got out at yellow side.
XXXL belly still haning there, not lost much weight, I guess.
And Oo I am not sure yet, but I was asked if I'd accept an interview fur da magajin article fur SPhynx magajin!! Finally I has got a chance to be seen in da world!!! I hope....

Well, that's all fur tuday, see you tomoroooooo, XLXL... Yogi

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  1. Wouldn't it be great if you and Disco could work out together or go to the same gym or something. I think the pooch will always be there, hon, but we thinks you could get your waistline back, it'll just take time...about 4 ounces a month or 1 oz a week is a good, slow, safe weight loss...