Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Hate Crime!

 Hellow. Sorry if the today's title scared you.  But I'd like to pick the subject tuday, because one of my good furriends on FB and her cat was involved with this type of incident few days ago.  I thought it could happen to anyone, I want all of you guys be careful.

Somebody might be thinking of hurting you. Be careful.
 Well, According to the furriend who was involved with the incident, she found blood in her house when she got home, and noticed that one of her cats got injured, wounds on his legs. (she didn't know how he got the wounds at first). her cats were allowed to go outside  even when the friend was not at home, without anyone supervise them, then this scary thing happened. I told her to consider moving out the area if she can, for her and her cats safety, 'cause if this means there is someone who hates cats or likes to hurt cats in her neighborhood, he/she might be attacking her cats again(the friend owns many cats in her home).  You know.. Staying there until something bad happen could get you involve in the worst case(somebody could die),  sometimes doing something for not involving in da bad thing ahead is important, I think. (like.. women should avoid walking alone outside in late night, if lucky, she might be able to arrive her home safely tuday, but not sure if it's the same tomoroow, if she can think this is not good for her safety,  she should do something  such as having someone to pick her up by car, right?) When nobody is at home, letting cats go outside freely is not really a good idea.. my friend could have prevented of the incident if she had kept her cats inside. Now she knows someone hurts her cats or hates cats seems to be in her neighborhood,  it sure is not comfortable to live in the area for cat owners. what if the reason of the attacker was actually not cats, but my friend?
if the attacker hates my friend, he/she would do something to scare her again. that's scary.

Then the next day of her cat injury incident, she said that she found garbage was thrown in her yard when she got home.  (seems like someone hates her in her neighborhood). She had to call the police this time, and had them to investigate.
Keep your cats indoor always especially when nobody is at home.
According to the friend, now she has two cases- the garbage thing and her cat thing seemed to have done by 2 different individuals. she said the purrson who hurt her cat could be the woman next door because she and the woman had a problem over the plants in their yard. (who should cut them off,, that kind of thing) , this is scary, if as the friend suspect,the next door woman has hurt her cat for the yard problem, she could get mad at anyone at anything... (there are many leaves come in my yard from both side of neighbor's yard, but we don't get angry at neighbors about it..but some people care about that kind thing.. and get a bad idea to tell their message to the purrson in da really scary way. I think this could happen to anyone. according to the friend, the woman next door hates cats.. that's why I put the title of this post "Hate crime",
some people are complicated to get along with.. we should always be aware of our surroundings in anywhere, anytime. that is the key to prevent of bad thing happen to us and your loved ones including cats.
that's what I think...
Cats should hide like this when their humans are not at home.

Well, this is all for now, See you tomorrroooo(if I have something to write, I will). XLXL, Yogi


  1. Oh no! I think it is definitely safer for kitties to stay indoors. There are lots of dangerous things for kitties outdoors.

  2. Thanks for bringing up this important issue Yogi! I'm sorry about your friend, I hope things work out so that he/she can move away from that horrible neighbor.

  3. I agree that cats should stay indoors. I only let mine out when I can watch them and only let them stay in our yard. Jazz can't go out because he doesn't have any common sense.

  4. just finished reading about your friend and had to wipe a tear from my eye... how scarey for the cats and yes, I agree they should move because its very dangerous

  5. Hi Joey, Shan Q fur your comment. Oh yes, I could not believe it happened to someone I know, her cat is OK now. ShanQ fur thinking of her cat. please be careful yourself also. stay indoor, or if you go outside, have your human always supervise you.