Saturday, August 6, 2011

August 7~8, 2011 "You Has a Question fur me!" #2

 Hellow. furst I'd like to say ShanQ to some furriends fur their useful infurmation to helpthe domestic violence victim I mentioned in my last post. I was glad that I did not try helping her only by myself . One of my furriends said that "Church could help the woman and her cats", I never thought of  that. I really think it's great that I have a community with many good furriends even if it's online.

Me yesterday.

 Well, then, Today I am gonna answer your questions.
from Stephanie;
  "If you  were President, what is the first thing you would take care of?"
Yogi: "Oo dat's a good question, well, I hink I am gonna order FBI to catch all peeple who did bad thing to animals, and order NASA to send them to the moon. (including  Michael Vick, Fur manufacturers, Hunters, bad celebs such as Jeniffur Lopes who never gives up real fur)" . 

 Next, from Kitty Monga, 
"My mum loves your blog, and wants to know if you eat yogurt?" 

Yogi: " Oh yes, I lick Yogurt sometimes, Say Shanks to your mum fur me, XLXL"

And Next  from Keiko  
her original question is written in Japanese 

her question is about my funny pic. (shown below) 
Translation of her question" what were you looking fur in the man's underwear? did you find anything?"

Yogi: "oooo, I was looking fur  something to eet, I foung a potato there".

I cleaned my paw with the towel befure eeting the potato.
 I reeelly enjoy this, I meen answering questions from furriends. you can send me your questions too, anytime.
well, this is all fur tuday. see you tomoroooooo, XLXL.. Yogi


  1. A potato!?!? Oh, Yogi, you are so silly!

  2. I thought it was..what was it, if it was not???