Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weeekly Yogi by Imoe

Hi How are you? I am verrrry sorry for updating this blog less often now. I did not even make Daily Funny photos with Yogi for 2 weeks or so, but I did make some tuday, so I am showing here tuday, also will show the one banned from FB.(I hope Blogger won't be angry at me).

But First, some latest Yogi photos from her Momsy. (why I call her Momsy is because sounds similar to  one of her Sphynx cats names , there is one who is blind, named Mimsy. oneday I was trying to tell Momsy something faster on FB, and spelled wrong, I was supposed to type the cat name "Mimsy" but accidentally typed "Momsy" then, well, strenji, but she's a mom of Mimsy, Momsy sounds matching to Mimsy name,, right?  I thought cute, den started using the name as her nickname).

Yogi in vertical photo
Very E.T  in this photo.
Well then, the latest funny photos of Yogi by me. "The catalog shopping with Yogi"
Yogi wants to order one for winter.
Special fitness ball fur children.
The Body Pillow
And there are more...
Yoga master
Licking  fur by myself and using the product get same result. Licking is cheaper.
Well, this is all for now, I hope you'll enjoy today's post, and to US furriends, Happy Holiday weekend, enjoy!!  XLXL... Imoe

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