Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekly Yogi~Yogi calendar 2012

Hellow. I am really sorry that this blog has been like Weekly Yogi now. I've been verrry busy. it's fall now almost.. we are planning to get new Yogi merchandise to sell for Holidays, and now  I , Imoe has to design new merchandise and get sample.
One of Holiday merchandise is Yogi Calendar 2012 "366 Days with Yogi", we've got sample here, and it looks OK. I'd like to show you some details.
The Yogi calendar is made with glossy high quality paper. but small.(shown with 2011 Luna the fashion kitty calendar)
We wanted to make Yogi calendar in XXXL size, but it probably scares people with XXXL size photos of hers in 366 days, and we gotta charge XXX shipping cost to fans overseas to ship, so we decided this XS size instead, so price is low, and can ship evvywhere in the world without XXX tra postage.
Cover(the beginning of scary new year) 

August with Yogi XXXL butt
Small, but I think this is fun looking calendar(whenever you see Yogi, you can giggle). if you would like to purrchase one, please visit me at Yogi and Furriends on Facebook, write on the wall, or write me in the comment box on this blog.  will be sold about $12 or less including S&H (for US residents).

And as you might have seen I have been painting Yogi now. I've added some deetails today.
I hope I can finish....I do not like to paint animals with hair(people with facial hair a lot.. either), but Yogi has no hair, just many wrinkles, I might like to paint her.

Well, that is what's new in Yogi world this week. please stop by Yogi And Furriends fan page on Facebook, I at least be there daily and hosting the page there. Yogi mom has come back on Facebook and posting new Yogi photos daily lately.

well then see you tomorooo or next week, XLXL .... Imoe

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