Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekly Yogi~ 1950's

Hellow. I'm Imoe. I almost forgot about updating this blog this week... sorry about that. I've been painting Yogi purrtrait now as shown the beginning of it last week plus working for Holiday Yogi merchandise design. purrsonally I might have to move out the house I currently live anytime from now, so I'd like to prepare Holiday stuff already now in September.

Speaking of Holiday merchandise. this is a Holiday Yogi card design(shown above).  Yogi as a Ham for Holiday dinner. I was looking for an image of big ham, but found this cute one from the 1950's instead, and liked to add Yogi in the image, and that's how I created the design of the card. (the card will be included to any Holiday Yogi merchandise order, one per customer) .
then I was thinking about the people in the 50's. I liked what they have created then-fashion, art, lifestyle, culture, etc.. visually very attractive, I love their creation, but there was something bad about the era- people did not think much about animals then.
if you watch classic TV shows from the 50's~60's(such as I Love Lucy, Bewitched), you'll see they talk about  fur, hunting, ..and  whenever they don't know what to do with stray dogs. they tell children to take the animals somewhere to leave, as if those things are normal then.
and  the popular cartoon show like Tom And Jerry was OK then simply as an entertainment, and for children, then, but when I bought Tom & Jerry DVD few years ago, the package  now says : this show is not for children. because as you know, the show has too much violent and could get viewers impression that cats are bad, or Ok to beat or hit with car, or set fire on them etc..
that's not good.

Today, in 2011, not visually attractive to me, but glad modern people consider animal rights, and what's fair/unfair to them more than the people in the 50's.

Yogi portrait in progress

the latest funny photo,
Well, this is all for now tuday, ShanQ for visiting. ... XLXL... Imoe

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  1. Women's rights were not in a good place either then! :)