Sunday, October 9, 2011

October 8, 2011 ~ Pets and Fashion

Hellow, I'm Imoe. I'm XXX sorry fur not updating this blog nearly 2 weeks!!!!!  I had a problem with my right arm~hand fur few days(felt swollen, and many fingers hurt) earlier this week, really. I've always taken care of my eyes not to get bad such as avoiding reading much, no TV, avoid dark room to read/write/paint etc..(my dad likes to sit in a dark room just turn on TV or PC there, and he needs reading glasses at early 40's. I don't want to wear glasses.. any kind!!) so I take care of my eyes but never thought that I had to care about my right hand/arm as well. Since I do write/paint/craft, hurting my right hand/arm would be real trouble.

Anyway, while I was not here fur 2 weeks, there were many topics on FB , and I'd like to pick the one about Pets and Fashion.
The Lion Hat by Maggie(our furriend from FB)
 This photo of Yogi(above) was released about a week ago by Yogi momsy, and I thought this was very cute, so I copied it and posted many places on FB for advertising purpose for Yogi fan page then.
1-2 days later a woman from Sweden complained on Yogi And Furriends (Yogi fan page) on FB about this hat(called a stupid hat) and blamed Yogi momsy as if she has neglected in taking care of Yogi (the woman thought that's why Yogi was fat). She said putting clothing including accessory item such as hat on pets was animal abuse.  So I talked with the woman until she understood. Once I convinced her by explaining that Yogi does not wear anything usually, and she has been very big and fat even before she was adopted by her current owner. But later I had to say.. "why only Yogi gets blamed for clothing,? (Yogi not famous for fashion), what about our furriend Luna?" then the talk got worse... (Luna=the fashionkitty, who wears dress and bow daily and famous for it).
Luna the fashionkitty. she always looks like this, I mean in dress and bow on her head.
I told the woman to look at Luna, and she did and said immediately she hates Luna.(Oh No, Luna is an innocent cat!! how could  she say "Hate her!"?) Blamed that her mom had no right to have pets if she treats her cat like a doll.
I understand that pets with clothing may look very strenji for some people, even shocked, and depends on clothing, some pets might look silly as if being dressed up to be laughed by people, if somebody feel that way, then they might feel as if those pets are treated like a doll by their owners, or get bad impression as if their owners are very selfish etc...

There was similar argument 3-4 weeks ago about other cat furriend on FB, it was "bad taste outfit" case.  two of our good furriends on FB had made up event for wedding for their cats.  the bride cat owner made her  cat a wedding dress, and put it on her cat and took photos for the event, and posted those photos on her page, event page, also used the photo as her profile picture, and immediately one of our friends got mad at it and attacked the bride cat's mom because the friend said it made the cat look very stupid, it was animal abuse, and she wants to file her complaints against the bride cat's mom with some animal right org. I thought that was overreaction, but really if you put your cat in silly outfit, some people feel those pets look sad or miserable, and feel as if their owners are bad. even blame it as animal abuse. (So if you enjoy dressing your pets, take your time, pick nice clothes for them.).
Anyway those people who attacked the wedding cat and Luna think clothing on pets are part of animal abuse.
they assume that animals hate be put clothing, therefore any animals with clothing must be forced by their owners, that's how those people believe. But if many people think the same, no pet clothing business would have been existed now.

I myself do not like to put anything even a small accessory like hat, (only wear collar for ID purrpose), so pet clothing is nothing to do with me at all, never thought of it seriously, I've seen some fashion pics in the old cat book "Good Mousekeeping" , and remembered that I was really impressed and thought they were cool, so I am not against fashion on pets.
If your dog/cat hates wearing clothing/accessories, you should stop continue, try again some other time, or give it up completely. if your dog/cats do not care, and let you put clothes on them, congrats, you can enjoy dressing your pets. that's it.  Those attacker people can blame only when they see dogs/cats who are forced to wear clothing by their owners, and treated bad if they do not obey. (for example- if they do not wear dress, they don't get food).  But not right to attack to a purrson like Luna mom, Luna mom is a verrrry responsible cat owner purrson,  she thinks of Luna furst in any situations, like when they have to go to travel, she doesn't think of leaving Luna of course, and does not think of using airplane because of bad experience with air travel in past,  she takes Luna everywhere as much as possible and allowed. Luna is provided a lot more than what she basically needed. She's very Happy cat, Lucky cat. Not treated like a circus animal fur sure!

And pleeese, I would like to say those attackers that if you have so much energy to attack such a small issue like clothing on pets, pleese be a volunteer for rescuing real abused animals, homeless dogs/cats, horses... join Peta for against fur campaign... to help more serious issues.

Yogi in her new Tiger hat, Nice.
We do funny things with Yogi here on her fan page.. everywhere you see Yogi=funny, if anyone think we do wrong, pleese understand, we can explain. Yogi funny just by putting human hairdo pic on her face photo as you know, even just draw eyebrows on her face, very gigglez. I do not do it to make people hate her, everytime I create funniez with Yogi image, and show you guys, you guys love her. Being loved by many people is the happiest thing, and I love to make Yogi the Happiest cat in the world.

XLXL... Imoe



  1. I agree with you! Sometimes people find it hard to believe that I enjoy modeling, but when I see the camera and my outfit I actually run towards the camera because I can't wait to get started. Of course, it is mainly because I get lots of treats, but I also enjoy the special attention I get. I never post for more than about 10 minutes at a time, and I don't even really notice the clothes I am wearing. If I am not enjoying myself, then I just stop modeling and do something else!

  2. love Yogi's tiger hat...Cody needs that for when he watches the Detroit Tigers in the playoffs lol

  3. ShanQ Angee, Daisy, Caren fur your comments. Caren, good idea fur Cody to get a Tiger hat for Detroit Tigers!!
    Daisy, you look great with or without dress. I enjoy your fahsion (you often find cute stuff, I love to see them on you), but I love to see your slendar body without clothing in your video. look very cool! Anyway clothing is not serious issue, ...enjoy!

  4. WHEN are these animal rights folks gonna realize that they are NOT helping their cause by attacking everybody that doesn't meet their unrealistic standards?

  5. I like to use these hats as props when I'm taking pictures of my little Sweetness. These wackos are so quick to get angry at stuff they know nothing about. Does this person even have a pet .. who knows. The point is we all love our pets and we would never do anything to hurt them. I love Imoe and Yogi and Hattie and I enjoy sending them hats. I know they have wonderful mommies. I think this crazy person just needs to take her meds.