Friday, October 21, 2011

Sometimes Rescue/adopt is not easy

 Hellow, I'm Imoe, sorry for the delay again. I'd started writing earlier this week on this blog to update, but I totally got stuck, my draft made no sense, so I had to change the topic.  Now I think I should write something I saw on FB today.
It's about rescue/adoption thing.
It's been 2-3 weeks, a young Sphynx girl has been looking for a new home in TX area, I've asked some people in TX, and even Yogi momsy (we (Yogi and me) live in CO, TX not so furrr), many people said that they raised their hands for the girl, but still the girl can't find a home, and now she is looking for a foster. But finding foster for her may not be easy also.

The problem is that this girl is allergic to so many things, very sensitive. she's allergic to wool, furniture, dogs, even humans. (maybe she needs a new home only, I mean a house not including a human inside) monthly shot is required. Even experienced, multiple Sphynx owners are not really 100% sure about  how to help the cat in such condition. The rescue purrson says the house where foster/adopt the girl must provide her a room with no carpet, furniture, a dog.
I've never heard of this much complicated and difficult case to adopt. this is like  too many "No's" to all the way.  I really worry if she can find a someone who can take care of her for life.
Since the girl has so many "No's". I even wonder if keep telling people about the girl can help anything. But probably I should keep telling and asking people if anyone can handle with a cat.

Glad I am healthy.

Yogi healthy so far too.
Sorry about this short article. I'll be busy with Holiday Yogi shop soon. we'll sell Yogi Calendar, Purrse, (and probably 1-2 more items before X'mas), and make moneee,and will give some to needy furriends as we usually do. But  we don't boast as if what we do is 100% good.  Rescue people need physical help more than money, such as in NYC. Money does not become a human.



  1. Butternuts and MichaelOctober 21, 2011 at 8:53 PM

    Hey, some sphynx people put their heads together and they made arrangements so the allergic kitty wouldn't have to go to the pound. Kitty has a new owner waiting in Tulsa, OK, now kitty just has to make it there.

  2. Oo ShanQ Butterball & Dad to let me know the latest about the girl. I heard that she was looking for a foster yesterday, and worried about her how soon she can find a home.SPhynx peeeple are nice, they even let me join them.I'm glad to hear about the girl from you now, ShanQQQQ.~Imoe

  3. did the TX kitty find a furever home? I wish I had known. I live outside of Austin TX and would love to give her a furever home. :/

  4. Hi Uhrpunkin, ShanQ fur writing me and asking about the girl. She has been with her foster ever since. I know her foster, if you'd like to talk to her, I'm gonna ask her how to contact. But please remember, she has allergy problem.if you'd like to know how to adopt her still, let me know, I'll talk to the foster purrson, and will let you know for more details. ShanQQ

  5. Nothing would be a problem except the furniture part which would mean she would have to be kept in a room without furniture, which I could do, but it would bother me that she would be lonely in a room by herself and not be able to interact with the humans. :(

  6. Hi Uhrpunkin, the foster purrson who currently takes care of Flora(the homeless Sphynx girl you're interested) recommended you to contact her via e-mail, so she can tell you about Flora's allergic, and how to take care. Flora is still available for adoption, but as we mentioned, it's not really easy to take care, so you might need to know how difficult it is, then if you think you can, you can apply for adoption. please talk to the foster purrson first, her name is Terry
    she allowed me to have her e-mail address here, please write her