Monday, October 24, 2011

Holiday Yogi shop (as of October 24).

Hellow. This is Holiday Yogi merchandise special. Not yet started shipping,  you can still sign up for pre-order.

So far we only have 3 items to sell.
#1. The Holiday Yogi purrrrse.
The Holiday Yogi purrrrrse(front)
Yes, one side of the purrse is blue, and the other side is Pink(Pink purrple..or pinkish brown to be exact)
very soft satin-like fabric, handles, bottom of the purrse are leather, approx 8"x10" not very big, $35/each.

S&H is $5. comes with Free Yogi M&M(see details below item#3)

#2. The Yogi Calendar 2012~366 Days with Yogi
Calendar cover

Desk calendar in very high quality glossy papers, approx 3x8, small. we wanted to make XXXL size calendar, but considering furriends who order Yogi merchandise from outside USA, we made this calendar in XS.  $10/each.
(*we'll discount for multiple order)
S&H is $2/calendar(will combine S&H for multi count order)

#3. The Yogi M&M Chocolate candy.
I know this is XXX unusual for a cat to sell. Only for Yogi and her fans. Real M&M, Yogi image printed on.

Actually it was more like drawing than photo copy

$6/pack comes with sticker, button, and the postcard including S&H.
Or Free with Holiday Purrse purchase,
Or $4 with Calendar purchase

We have not started shipped any item yet. we'll still re-order those items to be in stock in November, so  you can sign up today.

if you are friends with Imoe Bakaneko on FB, contact her directly on her wall or e-mail.
or write imoe to

Sorry we have not owned online shop yet. if anyone is inconvenient to contact in using FB, we'll sell some items on before Holiday. we'll post the link to the auction then.
Part of Sale of Yogi merchandise goes to needy homeless furriends, tortured victims etc..

ShanQ ~Imoe

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