Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Let's Recycle!!

Hellow. I am sorry for not updating this blog. Me, Imoe had to move to a new house recently, so I had no time .. now I'm at new house, things have been getting back to normal little by little.  While I was not here, there were some news about Yogi.  Her fan page on Facebook "Yogi And Furriends" has now 886 fans(as of today), I hope we'll reach 1,000 fans soon.
And speaking of my new house.. finally I moved in the neighborhood where US post office is in walking distance!! So I've got P.O Box there, and this P.O Box address will be used for Yogi business/her fan mail address.  I'll release the address soon.
Is Yogi  most popular Sphynx cat in the world now??

Anyway, today I'd like to talk about Recycling. I am the type of a purrson who can not throw away things.. and want to keep stuff(such as plastic bags, shopping bags from stores, papers with blank one side, empty boxes from mail, ribbons from gifts, etc..). used clothes are no exception, I have saved some to make doll clothes, or some accessories for child purrson.
There days People have been talking about recycling more than ever. not only me, many people want to help eliminate wasteful things.(but my daddy is anti-recycle man, I often get tempted to scratch him).

This is an idea I've introduced recently on Yogi And Furriends page. "How to make an instant dress/sweater for your pet with USED Socks". Take a look at the picture of How to..(below)
Isn't that easy? I liked the idea because we can use Used socks for making this dress. some furriends used sleeves from Used long sleeve shirt instead, and for adult cats, you might need to get Used sock from XL daddy, (and of course, Yogi needs to get one from ShaQ).
Special Shanks to The Skinny Sphynx group on FB(private group, not everyone can join, invitaion only).

And I've just found a verrry intersesting book that I was waiting for.
2 yrs ago I remember my furriends and I were wondering if there was the way to recycle cat hair because we saw someone made a doll or something out of cat hair on FB. we asked the purrson how to do that then, of course, but sounded complicated to do, also someone said it was I forgot about it for a long time until today!!

This is the book about how to make craft with cat hair!! (by a Japaneese purrson.. I need Japanese edition instead of translated edition in English).

Of Course Yogi can not make anything with this book, but if you have regular cat with fur, you can try. evvyone should make the small finger puppet that looks like your cat at least one, with her/his fur. Someday he/she is gone, but you can always remember his/her with his/her real fur puppet.

I hink recycling in this way is fun. recycling idea like this makes me feel good too.

If you're interested, pleaes try.

See you soon, XLXL... Imoe