Saturday, November 26, 2011


Hellow.  It's almost the end of 2011. Shanks Givving weekend is almost over, XXX'mas is coming soon. Speeking of Holidays, we think of Gifts. Speeking of it, ShanQ fur furriends who have purrchased the Holiday Yogi purrse and Calendar. (still available, some furriends were impatient, could not wait to get them until XXX'mas, so they shopped early).
Yogi purrchased the Holiday Yogi purrse fur herself

I was not going to talk about how popular Yogi merchandise was, but I'd like to talk about gifts today.
Last time I mentioned that I'd release fan mail address for Yogi (P.O Box).   I can release the address now;

Yogi And Furriends
P.O. Box 31523, Aurora, CO 80041

This is not physical address of Yogi, she is in CO, but far away from this P.O address, Imoe gonna pick up mail for Yogi.  Letters, cards, photos of furriends only pleese.  Gifts to Yogi accepted only if it's handmade by you, and not in XXXL size packaji. Yogi mom can afford to buy anything from store, so she says no Shanks to gifts from store. if you have XXXtra money to buy gift to Yogi,  please spend the money for needy homeless furriends in your area. they appreciate XXXtra money for them, and that's the gift Yogi wants most (having thoughtful fans who care about homeless furriends).  Or buy Yogi merchandise for yourself, we Yogi And Furriends gonna use part of sale  from merchandise sale to donate needy homeless furriends.

My Mom had a strenji furriend in Japan, the furriend liked to give gifts to people, that is nice, but she often sent me , Imoe the cat, cat food ~including a box of dry cat food (Whiskas in a box printed with Japanese company name), canned cat food, treats etc.. to USA via Air mail. To send me a box of dry food, she paid over $30 for shipping!! the food itself was approx $5(in Japanese currency). I didn't know why she was OK to waste money in such way. if she did not ship it to me to US, she could spend $30 for better way.. that money could afford to pay 6 more boxes of the food.. she could have given those extra food to needy homeless street cats in Japan. my mom always told her that Imoe is very finicky and does not eat most food(that was true), but she never stopped sending me gifts like dat. (mom often took those food to adoption place(inside pet supply store) to donate). I hink a purrson like mom furriend just wants to impress other people, and to do so, she even want to waste money. that is not good.

Well. That's all for now. Please think of who you should help first. XLXL

Yogi and Imoe

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