Tuesday, December 27, 2011


 Hellow furriends!! sorry I did not update this blog for a month!! now this is like "Monthly Yogi". By the way,  how was  your XXX'mas? did you have a gud time with your furrmily and furriends?  I had a work on XXX'mas. you know, I had to sit on the dinner table as a faux ham all day. Like Santa Claus, when almost evvybody else take day off and have fun, I have to work. but the other 364 days/year, same as Santa, I have plenty of free time, allowed to sleep as long as I want, so it's OK.

 Well... my XXX'mas surrprise to my fans was this(see pic).
The XXXL ornament (Bowling ball size or even bigger)
See the fire alarm on the wall(behind the tree right top corner)? the ornament is bigger than that.
Partially handpainted, one in the world, $5,000. but not fur sale. (at Yogi museum).
we also have made small size Yogi ornaments this year. some fans have purrchased.

Yogi ornament Design #1($4)
Yogi ornament Design #2 ($4)
* those ornaments are approx 2 inches dia. glass.

we've also made a furriend ornament ... Luna the fashionkitty one. but it was not for sale, was for gift purrpose to Luna.
Yogi and Luna ornament(Luna one is at her house now) 2 most gorjas feline gals on FB!!
Luna liked our handmade gift to her(along with Yogi calendar, Yogi M&M, Yogi card). see details on her page on FB.Luna the fashionkitty fan page

And .. Did you get XXX'mas prejent?  do you want to see what  I got???
The Burberry!! Real one this year (Imoe gave me a faux one last year).

Akshally I was wishing for the Deluxe wrinkle treatment set from Avon, but Burberry arrived instead.

I've sent this XXX'mas cards to furriends who sent me one and regular customers of Yogi shop. sorry  it's all gone.

 *some furriends might have received one in different design.

Well, I hope I did entertain you guys enough ..  Happy new year is coming soon. enjoy Holidays!!!
XLXL... Yogi


  1. I'm glad that the XXXL ball entertained evvybody!! Shanks fur comment, Angeee, XLXL

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