Saturday, January 28, 2012

News from Japan

Hellow Furriends!!! it's Now Monthly Yogi, not Daily-Yogi. we've been getting busier.. Imoe can not even make funny photos of Yogi now. (was planning to do that again daily when 2012 began..). we'll sell V-Day Yogi merchandise in Feb, and Yogi And Furriends fan page has reached 1,000 fans in December. we host and update the page daily.  now Yogi even got a modeling job offurrr for Sphynx clothes plus size.

you know, we often write here that Yogi was once a homeless cat. look at what this ex-homeless cat does now!! Homeless cat can be a super star like Yogi, loved by many people around the world. helps other needy homeless furriends(we sell Yogi merchandise and share the income with needy furriends).  if anyone who think homeless pets are like trash, I want them to learn about a cat like Yogi.

By the way, there were very interesting news I read 2 days ago.. both incidents took place in the same day in Japan..similar case.
the first one was that 74 yr old man killed his 48 yr old son because the son was torturing a cat in their house. people who heard this news saying that the old man did the right thing.
then the second one was the 71 yr old man walking on the street saw a man with a dog, he kicked the man's dog(not sure why), then the man(dog owner) got mad, and pushed the 71 yr old man to the ground, the 71 yr old hit his head hard then, and died instantly..
the paper said not OK to kill anyone for abusing/torturing animals. I know, but it's OK to hear this kind of news sometimes, so animal abusers/torturers might feel that oneday they might get hurt or killed by someone..
I was glad to hear that people who love and care about animals did not just be patient in those 2 incidents, the brave men decided to fight back for their dog/cat, and both bad men died.

Our prejident Yogi.

recent photo(last week)
Yogi and Hattie
Well that's all fur today. sorry for the delay and short writing. I hope I can update soon. XLXL

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  1. Very interesting and sure to be controversial, the two cases in which animal abusers died.