Sunday, February 12, 2012

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Good grumpy February!!  As many of you might know this already in Yogi And Furriends fan page on Facebook, Yogi has been calling herself "the prejident" lately.  she says that Lion is the King of cats, and she (Yogi) is the prejident of cats. (the picture of our prejident above). nobody oppose to it so far, so I think she is the prejident.

Anyway, I hink I want to write something about Fan pages on Facebook. I've just found strenji fan page that is about little beauty queen contestants with some unnatural photos of little girls in swimsuits with too much make up for such contest, and says (the page is) "FB official page" (but I hink any admin can display "official" sign).  when I looked at the wall writing, most active members or visitors seemed the stage moms of those little girls or other moms who are interested in it, I didn't see men there but anyone can look at their photo pages and can even download, I am not sure if it's OK to be on FB.  Such beauty contest thing may not be violation, but some twisted people see it  in not the way they are supposed to be, and enjoy it.(and some or many of them get ideas to do bad things to children too). FB generally do not allow kids to have FB acct and do not encourage them to be on FB, then post their sexy(but unnatural) photos on FB by their parents are OK?

I worry about my furriend Luna (the fashion kitty) fan page bit.. I think some people using her page for
using her popularity to get her over 9000 fans's attention for posting unrelated/unnecessary topics.(not about animals, not fashion, nothing to do with Luna.....)  I heard that she is busy enough just for checking her page lately, can not reply to all comments now, so .. the people who post unrelated, unnecessary posts on her page should consider it if they really care about Luna and her mom.

Our Yogi And Furriends fan page have not much problems so far. But there was a little incident last week.  there was a strenji woman who apparently drunk or in drag problem or dumped by a man,  kept writing on Yogi page that Yogi's ears are dirty under several photos of Yogi, including under the photos of Yogi with clean ears. that was unnecessary.  Yogi can argue with her negative opinion or critiques, But her fan page is the space for Yogi fans who love Yogi, they don't want to hear anything bad about Yogi, negative opinion about Yogi, somebody criticize Yogi.. No.  If I continue allowing such a bad mannered person to visit and write bad comments on Yogi page, it makes Yogi fans feel uncomfortable, so with Yogi momsy, we decided to tell the purrson not to visit us on Yogi And Furriends page again. (the person got Yogi momsy mad too, of course)

And anyone who want to post Homeless cats info, Petition related post on Yogi And Furriends, please show the article you want to post on Imoe cat personal FB page first, or send Imoe via message. Some people post those links/article directly on Yogi And Furriends, but posts by individual are likely ignored on fan page.(people don't see it, I mean. need to post as Yogi And Furriends to get more viewers).

And someone have posted the link to Auction page for raising money for rescues before, it is OK, we thought it was good thing to help and involve, and we donated Yogi bag and tee then(raised $35 or so),
but processing after each auction ended was too slow. took nearly a month to receive shipping info and postage from the Fund raiser. the cause itself is good idea, but if it does not process everything in timely manner, I can not recommend it to people.
please don't post about business(including charity related) if they are not very responsible.

That's all my thoughts of fan paje today.


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