Tuesday, April 19, 2011

#1 .Polka dot bra from Fredericks

One of my feline furriends on Facebook, Luna the fashionkitty oneday suggested that I should wear bra., so I tried it on (with this clumsy photo edit skill). just to give you an idea what I look like with it, I also put a matchign red bow.scary..

 Luna the fashionkitty(left) her video is below.
 she's my lovely furriend.
 she's my fan club member too!!

Well, then, See you tomorroo.


  1. That Yogi photo is SCARY! Looks like old boobies! : -0

  2. ShanQ Tamer, furriends call it "Scary-Saggin' Boobees" and Sweet Luna kitty worried about Yogi scary boobees exposed always, so she suggested Yogi to wear bra.

  3. Yes, Sphynx's tata's are wrinkly too, just like they are old, hahameow...We thinks the bra is cute, though...