Sunday, March 30, 2014

Grumpy shopping experience at Hobby Lobby

Good Grumpy Evvning!!

We have made new Yogi bag recently,

Although we said this was "NOT FOT SALE",
my fans have started saying "Sign me up!".
Well.., looked like we have to make some for SALE.
(*we've got a new high-tech sewing machine earlier
this month, and made this bag just to see how the machine work).
So we decided to go get some fabric.

We went to the Hobby Lobby (* Craft shop in US).
The same fabric was in stock, and we were able to get it.
we always like to shop in the store, stay there for
2-3 hours everytime (really).
We enjoy to see new products, or something we did not know.

But I got grumpy this time!!
2 things bothered me, got me grumpy in Hobby Lobby.

#1. Hunting Themed home decor items,
I do not like this item particularly!!!

Looks like a young boy has got a deer.
I don't say that Craft shop must be animal friendly,
but other decoration items for Hunting theme, was like
faux animal head made of wood or other materials but not real
animals. those are OK to me, but photo like this looks real,
even if it's fake, it can suggest people to go hunting.
(scary thing is that a very young boy in this photo).
why does the store carry merchandise like this?

#2. Real FUR

this is the leather craft aisle in the store,
can you see the furs at the bottom of the photo?
I checked the label, says those were rabbit furs.
are they necessary to be there?

there are more art materials made of animals
such as paint brushes, goat skins for drawing,
and those leather in this photo,
we have used leather code for making Yogi necklace,
and  sold Yogi bag made with leather (partially),
so I can't tell the store should not sell or ban leather.
but Real Fur as craft material .. not sure if the store
should carry it for people to buy easily.

I hope the store carry faux leather/suade at least,
and faux fur that people can use for their fur craft.

that's all.



  1. I agree! Hobby Lobby is one of only two stores where I live that carries the supplies for the jewelry I make, so I see all of these same things when I am in there. They have plenty of other options to use in place of the real thing!

  2. You're so creative!!!!