Thursday, March 20, 2014

Is Easter important holiday to celebrate?

Good Grumpy Afternoon!
I've  just seen horrible article on FB.
It was about Easter.
I was born in other country, grew up there, not in US,
I've never been explained what kind of holidays or celebration
Easter is, still don't know how it began or what for.
All I know are the candies sold in store around this time of year
with images of bunnies, sheeps, and ducks, or baby chicks.
To me, looks like Valentine's kind of celebration.

Anyway  if it's like gift exchanging or Candy give away celebration,
that's OK, but please,
please DO NOT consider buying a live bunny, chick etc.
for a gift to someone.
(only OK if you will get one for yourself to take care as your pet responsibly, I think).

Please take a look at this photo.

This is a Bunny who was given to someone as a gift for Easter.
the little child purrson in the house has cut off her ears and toes for fun.
Most people who read this blog or my fan page know this is wrong,
I assume,
but there are pet shops still exist few in every cities/states, and they
carry Bunnies to sell throughout year.
probably more Bunnies are sold in stores in Spring for Easter.
I heard that many Bunnies are brought to local shelter after Easter every year also.
Please tell people around you not consider real live animals to be in their Easter parties.


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