Sunday, February 9, 2014

Nero-chan, the dog (Japan)

Good Grumpy Morning!

My furriend, Nero-chan , the dogg, has sent me a new photo of her.
she's got a new wig? extension? or hat? , anyway, she put it on her head,
then told me that she tried my hairdo!! (my Oprah-hairdo!)

 Isn't she lovely?
My Oprah-hairdo

In the picture above, you may not really notice,
but Nero-chan actually looks like me without Oprah hairdo.
I've introduced her on my fan page (FB) last year as the dog
look like me.

She has "middle aged man eyes" like mine.

She looks grumpy too.
Nero with the famous Artist in Japan
Me with famous Jackson

It's so nice to have grumpy friends around the world.


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