Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Yogi on

 Good Grumpy August, Furriends!! Sorry about no updating for over a month. Unexpectedly the child purrson in my house (I'm Imoe, Yogi manager), has got noisy little stalkers(neighbor kids) who visited our house whenever they wanted, it was XXXX annoying, I was not allowed to sleep, eat, play, and do anything anytime I wanted, during the month of July and until the summer break for kids was over.
(we never let child purrson play with neighbor kids before, and never thought of it, really totally unexpected).
all my other blogs has been delayed for updating also, not only this one.

  Anyway the news is that suddenly Yogi has become a regular for "I can Has Cheezburger' website recently. (*I can has Cheezburger is a popular book with funny cat photos, they have a website too).
I can has Cheezburger(Book)

We've found 5 photos of Yogi on so far. (there might be more).

Pearl necklace

Sweater dress

Tina Turner
Miss. Cleo

Hairless Krishnas.

 Why did this happen to Yogi ? I think it was because our new furriend from the website "Cats, Beavers & Ducks " liked Yogi and shared several Yogi photos on their website.
Cheezburger people saw Yogi photos there, and stole them for their website.
Really, that's how they collect those funny photos of cats, without looking for the original owner of the photos and without her purrmission?(90% of Yogi photos were taken by her Momsy, and 10% by me).
I thought those funny photos in their book were all original taken by the author, never thought that the book was made with photos they found on the internet, yet without purrmission..

 But as Yogi manager, I'd like to use anything for her publicity. Photos stolen by/for the famous Cheezburger site is good for her publicity, so we allow them to use Yogi photos anytime.

 Also Yogi still has been getting interesting new followers on Twitter. Honestly Yogi on Twitter has been talking in Japanese language lately more than in English, I thought Yogi might not get English speaking followers anymore... But new followers did not care.
Born This Way Foundation by Lady Gaga and her mother, is Yogi's follower now.

And Finally...All famous cats must have this follower.
Cat Fancy magajin.


 I know that Lady Gaga has a problem about her Fur issue, we're still at the side of the people who fight for Animal rights, of course, but for Yogi publicity, we let Lady Gaga foundation follow Yogi on Twitter. they know Yogi is a cat, against fur, but decided to follow. we won't support her fur thing. OK.

Yogi is still popular, no problem.
well, that's all for now.
Have a nice grumpy August, Furriends!!


  1. Way to go Yogi ;D! DJ also wants to let all the furry fellas keep their fur!

    xxx Lara and DJ

  2. Great words, awesome post, Imoe!
    And thank you so much for talking about Cats, Beavers & Ducks!
    We love you and Yogi.