Sunday, March 4, 2012

Yogi And Furriends

 Hellow. As you might have seen on Facebook, Yogi celebrated for the 1 ST Anniversary of Yogi And Furriends fan page yesterday (March 2).  it's been a year since we've created the page. Now Yogi has over 1000 fans, sells her merchandise,  has blog in English and Japanese, even appeared on CFA Persian cat website. I think we can say it's one of successful pet fan pages. we'd like to say ShanQ to her fans for their support.

Since the name of the fan page is "Yogi And Furriends", I'd like to talk about Yogi's furriends.  First, this fluffy handsome furriend, Boomer Bark.

Boomer is one of our old FB furriends, we've been furriends for about 2 yrs now. As you see, he's gorjas Rag doll.  He's one of the happiest cats with lovely human parents. He likes to giggle.

Yogi disguised as Boomer

Boomer's fan page : if you want to be his furriend, visit his fan page on FB (link at left)

Then I'd like to introduce our Super star feline girlfurriend "Luna the Fashionkitty".

Luna too one of our old furriends. Yesterday, it was her celebration too for welcoming her 10,000th fan on her fan page on FB. (it was 800 or so when I joined her fan page 15-16 months ago..). I've been a witness of  her progress and her being popular. it was not easy to be popular that much, she and her mom has made lots of effort.  
Yogi created this Purrrsday card to Luna for her purrsday(2011)
Luna fan page

Then I'm introducing "Kokoro". He's one of our old furriends also. He's Rag Doll. He's beautiful as you see, he has won at the cute cat contest last year. 

Yogi sent him purrsday card and little gifts.(2011)
Kokoro mom draws his cartoon
Kokoro Kitty fan page

If you are interested in them, pleese visit their fan page listed under their photo each.
I hink this is a good idea, I mean introducing Yogi's furriend on this space. I hink I'll bring more furriends next time. (to be continued to the next time).

ShanQ fur your suppurt in the last 367 days, please continue to do so.. or else.

See you next time.



  1. Wow! shanks Yogi so much fur all da support and luv!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Kokoro!! ShanQ fur your comment. I was always wanted to talk about my furriends here, glad finally I did.

  2. I love this blog, hi Yogi, you look great, my sisfur Zaya would have loved this, she was a sphynx!!

    1. ShanQ fur your comment. pleese tell your sister about Yogi, and visit Yogi And Furriends on Facebook to meet Yogi there. she can post picture of her cat on Yogi page. XLXL

  3. How wunnerfulz! Concatulayshunz on da bloggy'z annibersary, Yogi, 'n on makin it so successfulz!! Fanks fur da luvz 'n furriends-shipz... we will lubz u fureberz... OR ELSE!! molmol xoxo

    1. Hi Boomer!! Shanks for comment. yah, you have to stay her furriend furever, or else.(scary), Shanks for making us happy with your gigglez always. XLXL

  4. Oh my gosh.. I loved you disguised at your giggly furriend. It took me a minute to figure out what was up with that picture. You're the original "Purrrfect the cat" who I follow on Twitter. Have you talked to him (her?)?