Friday, May 4, 2012

Yogi And Bijiness~Haute Catture - The Home Of Purrberry

Hellow, Yes we talk about Yogi And Bijiness, Today we want to introduce you the Hat Shop owned by our furriend Miss Gatita. "Haute Catture-The Home of Purrberry", Beverly Hills, CA 90212(this is the location of the store P.O Box, the store is online only).
About a year ago, I saw that our furriend Miss Gatita was wearing handmade hats often on her FB page. I asked her about her nice hats then. She said that her mother made those hats for her and her feline sisters. those hats were unique and pretty design, I suggested her to consider starting a Hat Bijiness for cats, and she did. Here's some Hats from the stores. I hope you'll like them.

The Cheeter Hat

The Pink Rose Hat

The Knit Hat w/Pom pom

For Boy cats

The Rose Hat (different design and color than Yogi's)

The Lavendar Hat(?) matching collar
Cool Purple Hat with matching cape
Miss Gatita says that her priority in making hats is comfort for cat customers. She uses only Softest, lightest-weight materials and make openings for the ears, to make sure cats are not aggravated by their Hats.

All Handmade, sewn, not glued.

Not always, but sometimes her store carry wigs as well.
Most Hats  $10-$15 and set (Hat and collar, cape etc) are usually $22 and up.  Ships to most countries.

I don't know if those hats I showed here are still available, if you like any of them and wish to purrchase, please visit the shop page on Facebook. Haute Catture~ The Home Of Purrberry
write the wall on the store page with your inquiry. 

ShanQ for vijiting my blog, see you soon. 


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  1. Have you considered ordering a wig to see what you'd look like as a non-bald wrinkly cat? It would be totally a-meow-sing to see! :)