Sunday, June 24, 2012

Yogi And Celebs #2

 Hellow furriends!  Sorry for not updating for a month.  As you might have seen, we met Jackson Galaxy at the local bookstore last month. It was book signing event for his new book, Cat Daddy.  We had to be there for promoting Yogi.  Since the store told us No cats were allowed insider the store, we did not go there with Yogi, but Yogi photo. we asked Jackson to hold Yogi photo, and smile for our camera.

He signed to Yogi with XLXL

And we gave him Happy Cat father's day gift set from Yogi And Furriends.
The Yogi notebook and Yogi pen, w/card.(Notebook sold out already @Yogi shop)

 It was great. Jackson was friendly and talked to us casually. there was his talk before autograph session, he really cared about cats, particularly homeless ones. Not the purrson who acts like as if he likes cats.  he really cares, and thinks/does  what he can do.  He visited the local shelter for lecturing earlier the day, and was on local news to help homeless cats to look for new homes as well. He was in our city not just for selling his book.

 And when I got home from the Jackson event .. I saw new follower notification from Twitter.

Lüc Carl @LucCarl FOLLOWS YOU Author of The Drunk Diet: How I Lost 40 Pounds Wasted. The voice of metal on @SiriusXM Hair Nation & @OzzysBoneyard. Runner, Writer, Rock n Roll Party Maker. Brooklyn, NY ·
*sorry I didn't print out the follower notification from Luc. this texts are copied current status from his acct on Twitter. He Follows Yogi as you see.

I didn't know him, but his Twitter acct has Check mark. some celeb, I bet.  He is an author for the diet book, and DJ for Ozzy Osbourne. Cool.

Yogi on Twitter is XXX successful.  Surrprise did not stop there.
shortly after Luc Curl, Yogi has got this notification.
Even my favorite movie star decided to follow Yogi!!

It's Miss. Foxy Brown, Pam Grier. I could not believe it!! she added Yogi in sec after Yogi wrote something to  her Tweet that day (Yogi was her follower before she followed Yogi).
XXXXX Cool!!
Also.. not followed me but some celebs talked to me such as Ryan and Trista, the only couple really got married and still together from Bachelorette show (ABC TV)

Ryan to Yogi

Trista to Yogi (*she wrote Yogi again last week,. yes, Yogi heard from her twice)

And Real surrrprise ..last night. New follower notification... checked who it was...

"OBAMA FOR AMERICA . CO office" Follow Yogi!!
Wow. glad they finally recognized this important cat prejident in CO, and decided to follow.
this Obama Office acct has check  mark, so it means authorized acct by human prejident ,or his office headquarter.

Even Human prejident office know Yogi now. How cool is that???! I feel very strenji .

I didn't predict anything when I made those funny pics of Yogi with human prejident pic.
also I made one with Nicole Richie.(below, Yogi with Nicole eyes)

With Twitter Yogi has got connected with those people...really strenji..( I never thought I 'd ever even had a chance to communicate with a purrson like Nicole Richie at all). Driving Twitter as Yogi is really cool.

Sorry, no tips for how to get celeb followers, or get replies from celebs. I have no idea myself.

ShanQ for supporting Prejident Yogi.
please continue supporting her, or else.

Imoe cat

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