Sunday, December 2, 2012

Stop ignoring Now!!

Oh No, November has gone!! sorry for no update in the last month.
I've been busy since I've joined twitter 7 months ago,
Now I have over 500 followers including several
celebs and prejident Obama related bijiness.
O yes,  Celebs still talk to me.

This Tweet and pic was retweeted by Heidi Klum

Me talking with Joanna Krupa

I also have many Animal activist friends in Japan now.
I read their tweets to understand what they concern about,
and tell them what US animal activists do.
Two major issues they care about most are about homeless pets,
and Anti-Fur.
There are obstacles to make the situation worse in the country
-Popularity of pure bred dogs/cats, and obsession of getting
Brand name stuff is XXX strong in the country in almost anything.
Even 15,16 yr old teens want to carry Vuitton Handbags,
(when US teens are OK with Guess, NIKE, Gap..)
so  pure bred cats/dog are like Brand name animals for
many people in the country, I feel.
many people want pure bred.
not only the people who can afford want one.
Breeders, Puppy mills are very busy,
they gotta make babies to sell directly,
or Via Pet shop, website.

Pure bred dogs/cats are expensive, do you think they are
always sold out in stores, at breeders?
No- lots of them become left-over, clearance items.
Breeders, shops do not want to those leftover, clearance items to
give away for free, many left over are abandoned in the mountain,
some are killed in freezer, some are taken to animal control dept
in city, etc.. also people who purchased those dogs/cats
give them up quickly, and abandon, or  take them to shelter.
As long as the obsession in brand name stuff, brand name animals
continues or exists in the country,the homeless pet problem will
never end, 'cause in addition to the brand name pets,
street cats/dogs also exist, they causes over population too.

And I want to talk about fur today.
I know it's strenji that me who has no fur
talk about fur, but let me talk.
I'm aware of that some people intentionally avoid or
ignore about the topics such as about
animal abuse, Fur, 'cause seeing the photos
hearing the story about those are scary.
me not feels good either.
you don't need to see the photos, but
can't you imagine how humans get fur from
some animals are skinned alive -including dogs/cats.
can you imagine how painful it would be?
and do you think those dogs/cats can still be
alive after the largiest organ(skin) were taken off?
I just can not understand why the business now
use fur from our closest animals-dogs and cats,
and I did not know what for.

Recently I heard about Russian blue cat's fur coat for human.
Russian Blue?
the grey skinny cats some people own as pets??
Russian blue (owned by Imoe's aunty)

Do you want to wear fur of this cat?
does she need to suffer from XXX pain to be your coat?
how many of this skinny little cats have to die for one coat?
for size M woman,
size XXXL woman?
some people are obsessed with rare stuff,
now they learned that real fur coat made of
little cats like Russian Blue is available.
then do you know what they want next?
A leather jacket of my skin (I mean
leather jacket of Sphynx)? maybe.
Fur coat from Persian cats? Poodles?

If fur products from dogs/cats become normal, popular, then
breeders/puppy mills may start produce cats/dog for fur!
like farmer raise cows for meat!!(or left over pure bred in Japan
may be sent to China to get their fur removed).
you don't need to see the photo of fur factory, farm, but please
think something, and do something you can do to save lives, but
if you own animals, love them, and care about them,
please do not ignore.

This is the famous ignorant women(sisters) in Japan,
not sure what they are really talented in,
Kardashian-like celebs who got attention from media only
for the way they look and gossips.
anyway this is their blog

On the page you see, one of the sisters showing, and talking about
the blanket for her cat, the household pet, cat.
the blanket used to belong to her sister as a coat, made of
a real and very rare snow leopard.
It Must have been with  $$$$$$ price Tag,
probably not worn by her sister many times either
I know recycling is a good thing that she decided to
make the blanket for her cat from Used clothing,
but if she loves her little pet cat, and cares about him
so much, why can't she think of the snow leopard whose
gorgeous fur was taken by human against his will???

If you know anyone in Asia, especially in Japan, China,
please tell them that adopting dogs/cats from shelter is
common in US, Euro, than buying pure bred,
and real fur is unusual. Pleese.

XLXL.. your prejident


  1. Some people are not getting that what they are wearing has been alive at some point :/. That is too sad. What a double moral, to own a kitty and have leopard fur :/

  2. ShanQ Lara for comment, you have a Japan connection!! do you still use the forum for Gaijin people in Japan or talk about Japan? if so, please tell those Gaijin people in Japan to tell Japanese friends about those issue.
    Yah, that famous idiot sisters don't even think what they do is wrong. the comments from fans are stupid too, that they said "my dog is sitting and relaxing on the real fur right now" , "that's so sweet you made the blanket for your kitty, I can see how much you care and love your kitty"... how sick those people are!!

  3. keep fighting the good fight Yogi! Some day we may all be enlightened. Back in the settlers day, they use fur and hides as a source of warmth. We no longer need to do that. It is an ugly fashion statement and it's gotten to the point that I buy faux leather. I really hope people start to see where their "fashion" is coming from and realize that there are much better solutions out there. I also agree on you advocating adoption instead of purchase. There are a couple of pure breed animals I would love to have but unless I can rescue or adopt them, I will just adore them from afar.

  4. That makes me very sad to read Yogi.