Sunday, February 24, 2013

Happee New year on Feb 24, 2013

Good Grumpy 2013!! I know it's almost end of February 2013, I haven't updated this blog since 2012. Sorry about that. I'm fine, I'm just busy lately.
Me, recently (Feb 13)
On the very first day of 2013, I've got this!notification!(photo below)

Yes!! Joanna follows me on Twitter now. (Shanks Joanna!), I often talk to her and she replies me too, really.

OK, the problem that I did not update lately was because I thought that I had to write some story
everytime I update this blog, and I did not try writing something casually, but seriously.
But when I studied other cat's blog it was like this, one photo and what was going on recently, small
article. but keep posting something as often as they can.

I'll try.

Happy Grumpy New year to you!!


Your prejident

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