Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Got Real Fur? - very scary!!!!

 Good Grumpy Morning!! my typist was sick yesterday, so  we skipped updating this blog yesterday. sorry about dat.
 By the way, we've heard scary story from Japanese furriend, I want to talk about it here today.
She said that recently one of her furriends wanted to give her a Wallet covered with real Mink Fur as
a gift.
Wow, that must be very expensive, and the purrson wanted to give my furriend such an expensive gift for free?
 Because that purrson has some kind of pshychic power(including can see, feel ghost), said to my furriend that she could feel that the Mink was trying to tell her something. it scared her and made very uncomfortable to keep the wallet herself. (originally the purrson received the Mink wallet as a gift from someone else, not purrchased it by herself).
Isn't that scary?
My furriend is An anti fur-purrson, so she refused to accept the wallet of course, but
the problem is that her furriend who owns the wallet and can feel the curse of Milk.
she doesn't know how to get rid of it.
Our suggestion to her is taking the wallet to the Priest or Monk in the temple, so they can talk to
the Mink and let the Mink sleep quietly (when dead person/animal had something regret while they were
alive, they tend to be ghost or try to tell someone something after they died. their soul still alive, exist, so
someone like priest can listen to the ghost, and let her/him sleep quietly with no regrets).

 People who don't care about buying/wearing fur products, are probably not sensitive that they can not
see/feel the voice of animals at all. But it's there on your fur products. you might think it's dead animals, but
they want to tell you something-their souls are still alive!!

My tiger hat in Faux fur!

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