Friday, April 5, 2013

Official Yogi Shop Open @

Good Grumpy April!!
Today I'd like to announce that Official Yogi Shop has Opened.
It's @

I wanted to open online shop with, but the site is for
Handmade items to sell, I never thought Yogi merchandise was
OK, or considered "Handmade",
but when I looked at the site carefully, I noticed that items like
Computer Graphic (photoshopped) photo enlarged as a poster,
or canvas print, T-shirt with Image which looked like iron-on,
CD by non-professional musicians etc.. were sold on the site.

Most Yogi merchandise are made in similar process of CD
by non-professional singers, or CG (photoshop) art print,
so I thought maybe OK to sell Yogi merchandise there,
and decided to open the shop @ Etsy.

 Here is the link to the store>>>Official Yogi shop

At this time only 3 items in the shop,
but more items will be added soon.

Now you can pay with crejit card, Pay Pal, even check/M.O
and anyone from any countries can shop/order also.
this is very ideal. It was easy to set up too.

Please visit the shop,




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  1. Hi Yogishop, drop me an email to so I will advertise you a bit to fashionistas :3