Wednesday, May 25, 2011

#35. Wrinkle treatment

Hellow. sorry for bit late to update this blog today.  Still not good weather here in CO today, and I am grumpy.
See? but even if good weather, it's dangerous to go outside to play here, because sometimes wild bears visit my area and Coyote also.(seriously). I am not sure if I am scary to those wild animals..

I'm going to show you some latest pics of me here.

And this is my daily funny pic by Imoe cat yesterday. me in wrinkle/line treatment ad.
Can you see me in the ad?(click to enlarge). I tried this treatment but unlike the woman at left page, I got more wrinkles and look scarier than before!!!!!
and Imoe is asking furriends if anyone want to purrchase Yogi Mug cup, (pic of the mug below)
If you'd like to purrchase, sign up with pre-order list . contact Imoe cat .(if you're furriends with her on FB, write her, or write on Yogi and Furriends page on FB, or leave comment on this blog). will be available in next month and approx $20 including S&H to US residents. the mug has the same colorful pics of me at both sides(front and back).

And oh yes, we had donated money to Animal Alliance NYC from Yogi And Furriends, the part of sales of my merchandise.  I do not overprice my merchandise, yet give some to needy furriends.

Well, then see you tomorrrooooo. XLXL...Yogi.

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