Saturday, May 21, 2011

#31. Sexy me!!

Hellow. sorry for late to update tuday. I was very busy for processing Yogi merchandise order all afternoon, (order still coming from fans, today!). the new item is The Yogi tote.  (shown above). isn't that stylish? At this time this is sold out., but this will be available again next month. if you'd like to get one fur sure, write me comment or contact Imoe cat on Facebook on Yogi and Furriends page. ($15/bag including S&H for US residents. plus free Yogi gifts-my autographed photo, magnet, business card, and stickers, details on Yogi and Furriends page on FB)

Anyway, In one of the recent design photos by Imoe cat, I look sexy!! see??(below)
Suddenly I've got those sexy legs in fishnet.
Imoe really does not like to put cats' face on Human body when she makes funny photos, but she thought this looked very natural as if the legs really belong to me. (same reason why she often play with my face with hair, she thinks not so fun to do it on regular cats with fur, but very funny on hairless me).
she put me on Broadway Meowsical stage too...looks very natural really. I hope you liked it too.
 I'm sleepy(1pm here in CO) now, and I hink going to have a nap. see you tomoroooo.
XLXL... Yogi


  1. omg!! Those legs look so good on Yogi, so natural.. and so scary! lol

  2. Hai Celtic, ShanQ fur your comment, oh yes, the legs look very natural on Yogi, but scary too. Yogi can be woman, middle aged man, penguin, bunny, nun... Shanks for being a follower of this site.