Monday, May 23, 2011

#33. Yogiton

Hellow.  I am Imoe. First of all, I'd like to say ShanQ to all furriends who purrchased Yogi merchandise in the weekend. I am still working for the order today. The part of the sale will be used for donation to homeless furriends. (furst  place I want to send monee is the rescues in NYC). As a creator/designer, I was surrprised that people actually purrchased the merchandise with Yogi whom not yet even introduced on TV or any media. yet not because they want to help us to save up donation money, but because they liked my design...(Oh No!)
this is just my guess, but I think many people have now their own world through the internet, and feel as if the people and even animals they know on the internet are their celebs. our furriend Luna the fashionkitty has started selling her merchandise too, (and I heard that some furriends bought Luna merchandise) I think buying and collecting stuff from "My celebs" gonna be popular.
and Imagine, what if Yogi fans who own Yogi merchandise oneday see Yogi on TV or magazine?? they must be very very excited as if they were the first people who discovered her.

Anyway this is my latest creation (last night) ... yesterday it was Yogi+Oprah=Yoprah, and today's is Yogi and Elton,=Yogiton..(strenji..).  Elton John has adopted a baby, and so happy now...
I hope you like it.. well, see you tomorooo, XLXL ... Imoecat

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